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Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 a.m. thoughts...

It's amazing the strange things you ponder at 3 a.m. I've worked nights last week & again this week, hence I'm awake at crazy hours like 3 a.m. I'm stealing Hollie's blogging technique of random lists, so here's my 3 a.m. crazy though list...

1. We had a holiday raffle for our floor yesterday to raise $ to buy all of patients holiday gifts to make their stay this time of the year a little brighter. We got great prizes donated & I bought $5 worth of tickets last week & won an iPod shuffle. I don't have an iPod but have been wanting one so I can't wait to take it home & put it to use! I am so excited!!!

2. I haven't seen Chris since Wednesday morning when he left for school. I miss my babe & can't wait to see him this morning!

3. It's now only 10 days until Christmas...ahhhh. It's crazy how when we were young it seemed like it took Christmas forever to come, now it feels like it comes faster & faster every year.

4. I can't believe how cute my best friend & her husband's baby is! Her name is Scarlett & isn't she just sooo cute. I'm hoping to visit them in Boston in January to meet little Scarlett! I just can't get over looking at cute pictures like this!

5. Chris' work party is tonight at his boss & his wife's house. It's a Christmas party with a twist because we're having barbeque catered! It should be different. I'm excited because I'll finally get to meet their 3-month old daughter, Charlotte! I love holding babies!

6. I love BABIES, if that's not evident by how many times they've entered my mind at 3 a.m.!

7. I'm getting slightly anxious about starting back to school in January. I hope I'm not jumping in too fast!

8. An electrician is coming over this weekend to hopefully ground the outlet in our living room that we need to plug our new 32' LCD HDTV into. We can't wait to get it into it's place in our home.

9. I can't wait to open Christmas gifts even though our Christmas celebrations won't be until the day & 2 days after since I'm working...I love unwrapping gifts!

10. I love giving gifts. I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they unwrap their gifts from us. We put a lot of thought into our gifts this year so we hope everyone enjoys theirs!

11. I'm hungry but have no idea what to eat. In addition tho how crazy your thoughts can be at 3 a.m., it's also crazy what I might have cravings for or how hungry I might be in general. Eating helps keep me awake though.

12. We're going to hopefully unpack our new computer today. We've had it for over a week but just haven't had the time to break it out yet. We're hoping to find a new desk for it either this weekend or next week.

13. Isn't it funny how we spoil our pets...Sadie is getting gifts for Christmas like she was a child. My parents bought her 2 or 3 toys and so did each of my sisters. Of course Chris & I got her some toys as well. We're going to get her a new collar too, hopefully today.

14. I'm sleepy! Rightly so, as it's just after 3 a.m.. Only 4 more hours until I can see my babe & get some sleep.

15. I think my brain is tired of thinking now...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Home for the Holidays

Here are some shots of our home all decorated for the holiday season...

Our tree all lit up...

Our mantle with the stockings in place (including Sadie's even though it doesn't match my & Chris')...

My all time-favorite decoration-the ceramic Christmas tree my dad bought me last year...

Our icicle lights adorning our house with our candles lit in the windows...
Only 10 days until Christmas!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Home again...

Chris & I got back last night after a trip home to Conyers for the weekend. We enjoyed ourselves! We spent time with just my family & Chris will be seeing his family over Labor Day weekend at their lake house on Lake Hartwell. I unfortunately have to work over the weekend though so won't be making the trip with him.

I was finally able to see the birthday presents my parents got for me & I am so excited about getting them up here & situated in our home. I had been wanting a wooden rocking chair for our living room & my parents ran across one & bought it for me as a birthday gift. I hadn't seen in until this weekend & then silly me forgot to take any pictures of it! It wouldn't fit in my Honda, so my grandparents are going to bring it up to us in a couple of weeks. My parents also bought us this beautiful wraught iron baker's rack/display shelf for our dining room. We have just the perfect place for it, and I can't wait to get it here & start putting it to good use. I of course, don't have a picture of that either.

Sadie handled the ride to Conyers and back here pretty well this time around...thank goodness. My sister & brother-in-law, Cheri & Jesse, have a new Yorkie puppy, Wally, who weighs 6 1/2 lbs. right now. He & Sadie played very well together. Sadie now weighs 46 lbs. so we were really having to watch to make sure that she didn't accidentally roll over or step on him. I'll post some cute pictures of them playing together sometime this week.

We'll be making another trip home to Conyers in about a month for my best friend & her husband's , Lyndsey & Cameron, baby shower. My friend Courtney & I are doing all of the decorating so that should be lots of fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing Lyndsey & seeing how much the "little one" is making her belly grow. The "little one" is due December 2nd, and we all can't wait to meet him or her. I'm still convinced it's a boy. but for now it's "little one" to everyone since it won't keep it's legs open long enough for them to see the gender with ultrasounds...silly baby!

Well, I'm off to start boiling the chicken for our dinner. I'm making a new recipe I found for chicken pot pie & fresh green beans. I hope it turns out to be delicious!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Alaska by Sea Recap...

I'm finally getting around to finishing my journaling about our Alaska trip. Things have been very hectic lately with work and Abbey was visiting this past week so I've been away from the computer for the most part. I'm condensing our cruise experience into one blog entry.

We boarded the Sapphire Princess on Saturday, June 21st. We had taken the bus to Valdez where we caught our ferry boat to Whittier where we then boarded the ship. The immense size of the cruise ship is more than I could fathom. It was so huge! My mom, Chris & I enjoyed lunch at The Whittier Inn, a quaint hotel right on the waterfront, before mom & I boarded the ship since Chris had to head back here to Durham.
After saying goodbye to Chris for a week, :-(, we boarded the ship and set sail about 8 p.m. Saturday night. We cruised all day Sunday and Monday before we were able to set our feet on solid ground again. The scenery, when you could see anything other than water, was phenomenal. We spent much of the 1st two full days on board exploring, shopping at the boutiques, and of course seeing shows & eating, eating & eating.

Monday we cruised through Glacier Bay National Park. There are over 20 glaciers contained in this area. The largest and most famous is Marjorie Glacier. I posted some of my favorite pictures of Marjorie below. We got to experience glacier calving which is when pieces of the glacier break off and fall in the water forming floating ice sheets. The neatest thing about the calving is the sounds you hear before the glacier actually breaks off. It sounds like a thunderstorm within the glacier. It was an awesome experience.

Tuesday was our first day in port and we docked in Skagway, AK. Skagway was historically a mining town in it's prime. After docking in port, we disembarked and mom, Cheri, Abbey, Jesse & I headed to our glacier flight adventure. We took about a 15 minute helicopter ride and then proceeded to land on a glacier, walk around on the glacier for about 45 minutes and then ride back. It ranks right up there as one of the neatest things I've ever done. Not too many people can say that they've walked on a glacier. I drank glacial water, in fact one of the picture below is of me doing just that. The water is so blue & crisp. The other pictures are of me geared up riding on the helicopter and then the glacier that we walked on!

Wednesday we spent our day in port at Juneau, the capital of Alaska. That day's adventure was whale watching. We saw quite a few humpback whales but for the most part all you ever got to see of the whale was it's fin and tail. Very rarely do humpbacks come fully out of the water like we all had imagined. We also saw lots of bald eagles, other birds, and lots more beautiful scenery.

Thursday we docked in Ketchikan, Alaska which still thrives today as a fishing town. My grandparents and I adventured out here on a boat trip to see over 20 eagles' nests, plenty of bald eagles, a lighthouse on a small island, and an authentic totem pole village. We enjoyed spending that few hours with just the 3 of us.

We spent much of the time outside of our port adventures picking up souveniers and doing some shopping.

We cruised all day Friday and docked in Vancouver, Canada early Saturday morning. We disembarked the Sapphire Princess for the last time and began our journey home!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Copper River, AK (June 19th-20th)

It was a quite a journey down the Denali Highway to get to Copper River. It was over an 9-hour ride down the unpaved, narrow road on our motorcoach, but it was a very scenic drive. Bob, our bus driver, was quite the tour guide. Along the way we saw glaciers, caribou, waterfalls & stopped for strawberry rhubarb pie at what we would term a "hole in the wall".

When we arrived at the Denali Copper River Lodge we could immediately tell that we would love it. It was very secluded and the view from anywhere around the lodge was phenomenal. Mt. Wrangell & Mt. Drum sat centered right behind the lodge. The lodge was smaller and more personal than any of the other lodges we had stayed at thus far. Chris & I enjoyed the hiking trails cut around the lodge. Here's a picture of the lodge looking down from the 2nd floor balcony.

Friday morning the men headed out before 6 a.m. to go salmon fishing on the Klutina River. Us ladies headed into the little town of Copper Center to explore. There wasn't a whole lot to see, but they did have various locally made products, so this is where I bought our birch syrup & my blueberry vanilla candle that smells oh so delicious. We had been anxiously arriving the men's arrival back at the lodge & were waiting for them in the lobby when they finally got back. They had each caught atleast one Alaskan King salmon & they all were thrilled. Each tourist can only keep one fish each so the rest had to be thrown back but they were all ok with that. You could tell that they had such a great time. Here are some pictures of my bebe fishing, an action shot of him reeling it in & all the men with their fish. It was especially neat because we paid for the salmon to be shipped to our house after we got back so now we have 13 lbs. worth of Alaskan King salmon that Chris caught in our freezer waiting to hit the grill..yummy!
Friday afternoon we took a jet boat tour on the Wrangell & St. Elias Rivers. We saw quite a few bald eagles and got to pan for gold again. We all enjoyed taking our turn riding on the very back of the jet boat. Here's a cute picture of Chris while we took our turn on the back of the boat.

Next....Valdez to Whittier to board the Sapphire Princess!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Denali, AK (June 18th & 19th)

From Fairbanks we headed to Denali via train. The train had glass all around so that you could see pretty much everything from wherever you were walking/sitting. We had breakfast on the train, which was neat. The ride was long, but scenic.

Once we got to our Princess Denali Lodge we quickly settled in and headed out to explore. That evening mom, Cheri & Jesse, Chris & I went whitewater rafting down the Nenana River. IThe preparation was quite an adventure since we all had to get dressed in dry suits that nearly sealed us off from getting wet since the river is fed from glacial melting hence the water is super cold. We had a great guide & a great time. We did class III & IV rapids! There was a bit of squealing going on!

After we got back from rafting, Chris & I set out to walk on some trails near the lodge since it's stays light nearly 24 hours! We took a bike trail that took us from the lodge to the entrance of Denali National Park. It was quiet for the most part, and all of a sudden we heard a little scrambling in the trees to our left. If really sounded like something small though. We sped up a little regardless & walked down the path a little further. I turned around & crouched down to see a she moose feeding on the bushes there. The picture below is a picture of her as she crossed the path behind us.

The next day, Chris I got up at 6:30 a.m. to start our hike up Mt. Healy. Chris had picked this particular trail even though we only had tennis shoes and no hiking boots. It was hot even that early in the morning, there was mud all along the trail, and it was very steep the last half-mile. I was a bit miserable on the way up, but the view from the top was so worth it. We enjoyed that alone-time we had together. Here are pictures from the hike up Mt. Healy.

That afternoon, we took a guided tour of Denali via school bus. It is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen! Although the park covers over 6 million acres, there is only one road cut through it that is merely 93 miles long. Only the first 13 miles of that road are paved. The park service only allows school buses to travel on that road unless you have a special resident pass. Our tour guide, Mary Jane, was great as we took our 8 hour trip in the park. We saw bald eagles, golden eagles, & other birds; Dall sheep, brown bear & bears cubs(from a long distance), caribou, hares, artic ground squirrels, a fox and lots of wildflowers along the way. Here's one of my favorite landscape shots...

That evening, Chris and I took the same path for our evening walk where we encountered yet another moose &....her CALF! Too cute! We nearly walked by them because they were hidden in the brush eating willow leaves. We slooowwwwlyyy backed away & let them have their peace. They walked out right in front of us & crossed the road. Here's a picture of the two of them.

Then we hit the long, dusty Denali Highway...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Fairbanks, AK (June 17th & 18th)

We landed in Fairbanks, AK (at the smallest airport I've ever seen!) @ 1250 local time, or 0450 our usual Eastern time. Yes, it was still light outside too! We had been in route their for over 14 hours by the time we landed. Here's a picture of Chris with a stuffed polar bear in the airport after we landed.We were rather exhausted to say the least. It was 0200 by the time we made it to our lodge & to bed.

Our Monday started nice & early with a Riverboat Cruise down the Chena River. Along the way we saw a bush plane land on the water next to our boat, we saw a four-time Iditarod winner's dog sledding camp complete with the dogs :-), and we got off the boat to tour the Chena Village establishment. On the way back up the river, we enjoyed lunch & snacks. We ate smoked salmon on crackers, which I loved & Chris even ate a reindeer hot dog!

In the afternoon we headed on the City of Gold tour. We rode a train into a mock gold mining village where we learned how gold used to be mined, how it's mined today, & then we panned for our own gold. I ended up with $8 worth of gold & Chris had $4 worth. On the way back to the lodge, we stopped and saw a portion of the Alaska pipeline that spans 0ver 800 miles across Alaska. They managed to construct that entire pipline in just over 2 years! Because of the oil revenues in Alaska, residents do not pay state taxes & each year receive a check from the state with an interest payout from the oil profit of the year...how nice! Here are pictures of Chris & I panning for gold & the Alaska pipeline.

We finished the evening off at an Alaskan Salmon Bake. They had all-you-can-eat prime rib, grilled salmon (delicious!), fried cod & hallibut, a salad bar, baked beans, hush puppies, & of course desert. No sweet tea though...that's all we were missing. I only found sweet tea once while we were gone & it still wasn't sweet enough for me. I survived though!

Off to Denali...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Home Again!

Well, I've finally made it back from the Land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska, where we had an awesome 2 week vacation! Actually, I've been back since Sunday morning but I've been incredibly busy since then. I was supposed to fly in at 2350 Saturday night, but instead I got home at 1030 Sunday morning...yuck. I had airline delays/missed flights that aren't your fault. Oh well. I made it home safely & that's what really matters.

We had a great time on our trip. I'm planning to journal it all right here on my blog! So, be looking for that to be here soon. I'm working this weekend so I'm hoping to start either Sunday night or Monday.

I got back in on Sunday & then we headed down to Chris' parents lakehouse on Tuesday evening to spend the 4th there. It was a nice relaxed holiday & we got to spend some quality time with Chris' parents, Erin, & his grandparents. It meant I didn't have much time at home after coming back from Alaska before going back to work, but it turned out o.k.

Sadie missed us so much while we were gone. Chris said she was so happy to see him when he picked her up after her week stay at the kennels. They said she had fun there. I think she does miss having other puppies to play with, but we're so glad to have her home!

Our garden has done well in some aspects & horrible in others. Our squash has flourished. We've picked over 50 squash!!! I'm cooking everything possible with squash in it! I'm going to try baked & hollowed sqaush next week. However, the deer ate all of our string beans which is a real bummer. I love fresh beans! Our tomatoes look great & should be ripe in the next couple of weeks. We'll have some bell peppers too. I can't wait to make stuffed peppers with fresh bells.

Keep checking back for Alaska vacation updates & pictures.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pictures at last

I have picture updates at last.

My lovely sister, Abbey, who graduated from high school at the end of May & is on her way to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College,the first of many schools on her joruney to becoming a physician.
A picture of my "permanent buddy", Courtney, at her rehersal dinner after Lyndsey & I gave her a wedding cross-stitch we jointly made as a wedding gift for her & Bryan.

A cute photo of Courtney & Bryan at their beautiful wedding on June 2nd!

A recent photo of me & Sadie just hanging out...

Our enormous squash plants that we've pulled 12 squash from so far this week. We'll miss some while we're gone to Alaska, but Norman & Louise, the neighbors, will enjoy it for us.
That's all for now. I'm off to finish cleaning the house & packing my bag so we can head off to the airport in the morning. Alaska, HERE WE COME!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Computer is Back!

Chris was able to get our computer working again! We ended up just buying a hard drive that luckily resolved the problem so we only spent $60! That definitely saved us quite a bit of money. I'm at work tonight, but when I'm home either tomorrow or Friday I'll add pictures to a post. I've got lots of pictures to share!

We leave for Alaska on Sunday! We're all getting very excited. I can't wait to have stories & pictures to share with everyone when we get back. Tonight's my last shift of work for over 3 weeks. I think I'm getting a much-deserved break from this place.

I've registered for the GRE on July 30th, our 2nd anniversary!, so I've been prepping for that in my spare time. I hope that goes well so I can start applying in the late summer.

Enough updates for now. I'll post pics soon.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

No computer=no fun

I'm back again after another long time without a post. The good news is that our hard drive for the laptop is in the mail so we should hopefully be up & running by the beginning of next week. I will be so thrilled to have access to a computer at home again!

We've been very busy lately spending a lot of time at work & back & forth between home in Georgia. I've been picking up quite a bit of overtime lately & work has just been soooo busy. I was home for Courtney's shower on Mother's Day weekend, then we were back last weekend for Abbey's graduation from high school, & I'm headed home again Friday a.m. for Courtney's wedding on Saturday! A lot of driving, but a lot of fun too!

We'll be leaving for Alaska in just a little more than 2 weeks. We're all gettting sooo excited. We've booked all of our Princess excursions for the land & sea portions, so all that's left to do is wait, pack & hit the plane! I can't wait to share pictures & stories with everyone.

We haven't had much time for work around the house lately with all of our trips, but as soon as the laptop is up & running again I'll have some new pictures to post. For now, it's back to work.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A post with pictures...finally!

I finally have access to a computer where I can load all of the pictures that we've been storing on our memory card while our computer has been out of service. I came home this weekend to throw Courtney's shower so I have been catching up on computer stuff & e-mails while I have the chance!

Courtney's shower that Lyndsey & I threw for her was today & it turned really well, atleat I think so. She got lots of fun things. The wedding is now less than 3 weeks away...how fun! Here's a picture of the invitation that I made for her shower.

I had found a few little unisex baby gifts for Lyndsey since we don't know yet if the Cavola baby is a boy or a girl. I found the cutest little onesie that says "Party in my Crib 2 a.m.", a blue/yellow/green dragonfly stuffed toy that lights up & plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and some of the cutest little yellow & white baby caps. I can't get over how excited I am for her!

Chris says he can tell that Sadie's been missing me while I've been gone this weekend. I miss her little cuddly self too! Of course, I miss my wonderful husband as well. It's hard to be away from them, but I've had fun catching up on stuff at home with my family & friends. Here's a recent picture of Sadie!
I'm itching to paint our bedroom sometime before I go back to work on Friday. I just have to make sure Chris is ok with the color & then I'll be good to go. It's the same color in our guest bedroom, but I love how neutral it is & want to use it in our room too. Plus we already have left over paint to do it with & we already have all of the supplies except a few new roller covers, so it should be a very inexpensive project for me. I'm ready to hang these new Southern Living sconces I bought on the wall...check them out!

Well, those are enough pictures for now...hopefully I can squeeze some more pictures in later. Off to visit Peppes & Pop.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yet another update

Our computer has officially bit the dust so I've had no way to update my little blog. I'm itching to post pictures on here too. Hopefully I can do some of that over the weekend. We're going to have to buy a new laptop as soon as we have time to do some research & figure out what we're really looking for. Hopefully we'll get a great deal too!

Lots of news, but not much time here at work for updates!

I'll be headed home tomorrow morning for the weekend to throw a bridal shower for Courtney that Lyndsey & I have been planning for a while now. I'm very excited & I think it will turn out well! The wedding is coming up...June 2nd will be here before we know it!

My best friend since kindergarten, Lyndsey, just told me this week that she is 10 weeks pregnant! She is due December 2nd & I am so excited for her!!! Her & Cameron will have been married for 3 years coming up in June. I wish they were not all the way in Boston so I could meet the baby sooner & spend more time with him/her, but we'll work something out. I can't wait to share in all of the new memories they'll be making with their new son or daughter. Congratulations Lyndsey!

Back to work for now. Hopefully I can have some new pictures of Sadie, the yard, some new house things & such posted while I'm at home.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've been away from here for a while. Our laptop suddenly stopped working at the beginning of last week so we only have our desktop computer at home that doesn't have internet access...boo. It's frustrating not having the internet at home. Work has been way too busy lately to catch up on internet things there, but I finally have the opportunity today.

I can't post any pictures, but hopefully soon I'll be able to share updates on some flowers...our Pride of Mobile azalea is fully loaded & blooming with huge, gorgeous blooms. We planted a new yellow daisy shrub over the weekend & some purple African daisies in our back garden. There will be more yard work this weekend with 18 bags of red mulch to spread in our front flower beds. Lowe's had it on sale last weekend for $2/bag & thanks to our neighbor letting us know, we got to take advantage of that.

I'll also have to post some new pictures of Sadie. We're taking her to the vet next Wednesday to be "fixed". To our best calculations, she weighs about 32 lbs., but we'll find out exactly how much next week. She's quite a doll!

After my 3 days next week at work(Tues, Wed. & Thur), I have 7 days off!!! I have big plans for them too. I'm hoping to finish painting the trim in our hall bathroom & work on getting some accessories for it. I may start painting our bedroom too. I have some sconces I ordered from Southern Living that I'm dying to hang on the wall, but we're waiting until we paint. I'll have to post some picturs of the sconces. I couldn't get a great picture but they're gorgeous. Otherwise, I hope to have some time to relax and catch up on some reading.

I finished making the invites for Courtney's shower & mailed them on Friday. I think they turned out great. I hope she likes them. I took a picture, which again I'll post as soon as I can. The shower plans are coming right along & now it's less than a month away...that's hard to believe!

I should get back to work. I hope to post pictures soon

Friday, April 6, 2007

Chris' birthday & the weekend

Yesterday was Chris' 24th birthday! I worked 7a-7p yesterday, so we had a mini celebration after we both got in from work, but we will have a nice dinner together later this weekend to celebrate. I gave him two shirts, a c.d., & a pair of binoculars. I figured the binoculars would come in handy on our trip to Alaska!

Tonight Chris & I are headed to a Durham Bulls baseball game with Will & Vanessa. We're meeting for dinner before at Mellow Mushroom downtown & then we'll walk over the ballpark. It's supposed to be in the low 50s today so it'll be a chilly game as it doesn't start until 7 p.m., but I'm looking forward to it. Will is leaving for Hungary next Wednesday to do some chemistry research abroad so it'll be nice to spend a little time with them before he heads away. Safe travels Will!

Even though it's going to be a bit chilly Saturday, we're planning to work in the yard. We've got some bushes we need to dig up and a few new things to plant. Our Pride of Mobile azalea has just started blooming & it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll have to post some pictures of it soon.

Sunday is of course Easter. I always look forward to Easter worship services. This will be the first Easter that we will celebrate it at our church in Chapel Hill, University Baptist. We're looking forward to it but we will definitely miss celebrating with our family and church friends from home.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New things...

I returned back home yesterday, Tuesday, with my grandparents. I enjoyed the visit home, but it was nice to be back in our house too. I have some new things to share.

I bought Sadie a new collar last Friday. I think it's absolutely adorable! Too bad it'll be too small for her all too soon.

Today at Target there was a huge pet clearance section & if you can imagine, I bought Sadie another toy! It's the cuttest little puppy that has a rattle & a squeaker in it. All the noise may get old very quickly.

These are a my new shoes! I absolutely love them! I wore them out for the first time today when I went shopping for Chris' birthday. They're simple ballet flats, but sometimes I think the simplest things are the cutest.

Check out this new scrapbook album I bought when we were home over the weekend. I of course had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby while we were home & I discovered it there at the great discount of 50% off. I love Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately the nearest one to us is more than 2 hours away. That actually might be the best thing for our budget though.

Our tulips started blooming while we were away this weekend. Here are some pictures of the ones that are open now. It looks like soon I'll have about 25 more blooming :-)!

I love new things!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Home Again

Well, we'll be starting our trek back to Conyers for a visit this afternoon. We haven't been home since a couple of weekends after Christmas, so we're very excited to visit with our families at home again. Unfortunately, Sadie seems to be carsick....ewww. We're going to try some Benadryl to see if she'll just sleep the 6 1/2 hour trip home away. I hope it works!

The weather here has been so beautiful for the last few days. Sadie & I have been enjoying playing in the yard together before I'd leave for work at night. We've been taking our late afternoon walks to & Sadie has met lots of new friends down the street. She does love people! Here are some photos I shot of her playing outside with me this week. Isn't she adorable?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring has Sprung

I am so glad that the signs of spring are all around us! The weather has taken a turn for warm (thank goodness), flowers are blooming, and our grass is getting greener.

I love these ways that God uses to remind us of the new life that we have in Him each day. Easter is just around the corner. It's one of my favorite times of the year.

Here are some pictures of the flowers blooming in our yard right now. We can't wait to see what else blooms & to get some more things planted in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our little family

Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog at the suggestion of a good friend as a way to keep my family & friends updated on the simple, everyday things that go on in our lives.

This is a picture of our little family-me, Sadie & Chris. We are so happy together and I am truly thankful everyday that I have been blessed to be a wife to such a wonderful husband. We love our puppy Sadie who is such a great little companion and playmate. Because we are so far away from the rest of our family, the three of us are very important to each other.

Keep checking back here for updates on my simple life!