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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beach bound!

We're bound for the beach with this little man!

Can't wait to see his face when we put his toes in the sand & his little feet in the ocean for the 1st time!

Be back soon!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 month check-up

Owen had his 4 month check-up on Tuesday.

He had to get 2 shots & the oral Rotavirus vaccine. He screamed, but not nearly as bad as he did at 8 weeks & he calmed right down.

Owen weighs 16 lbs & 6 oz. (65%), is 25.5 inches long (65%) & his head circumference in at 75%...a well-proportioned guy!

We can start giving him some water in a bottle (if he's interested) & we can start rice cereal whenever we're ready (after we come back from the beach).

So thankful for a healthy little man!

Owen's 3rd month.

(Owen is now 4 months old, but I'm catching up from lost time due to our computer madness)
You are such a big boy & are growing up w-a-y too fast! You are such a joy & we love you so much!!!

Here's what you've been up to...
  • You laughed out loud for the 1st time at 3 months & 1 week. Your laughter is the sweetest sound I've ever heard!
  • You "talk" all of the time...another of the sweetest sounds ever!
  • You can't tell us what you're thinking with your mouth, but your facial expressions speak volumes. You have many serious faces, lots of smiles, and even some little scowls.
  • You blow spit bubbles like it's your job!
  • You are picking up all kinds of stuffed animals & toys. You have also learned to put everything in your mouth.
  • Although you'll put anything in your mouth, your favorite thing to put gnaw on is your hand. Unfortunately you occasionally put your little hand too far into your mouth & lose your food...you think it's funny, but it's really not!
  • Your favorite activity of the day is still bathtime. You splash, splash, splash & laugh, laugh, laugh. It's so fun to watch you!
  • You love to have something to hold onto when you nap in the swing during the day. It's usually your stuffed monkey or your little ribbon blankie. 
  • You still love to cuddle, & I hope you always do!
  • You went to work with Daddy one morning while Mommy went to the dentist. Daddy had a great time showing you off to all of his friends. They also put some lab goggles (clean ones!) on you for a cute picture...silly nerds!
  • You love to sit up, so we prop you up in the corner of chairs, the corner of the couch, the head of our bed, wherever-as long as you're propped up like a big boy, you're so happy.
  • You are so close to rolling over but just haven't quite coordinated getting the upper and lower parts of your body over at the same time!
  • We took you to see your family in Atlanta again & you had a great trip & everyone loved seeing you.
  • Mommy got to celebrate her 1st Mother's Day & you & Daddy made it such a special day for me. I love being your mommy!
You wear an array of sizes, but mostly 3-6 months, a few of your bigger 3 months outfits & even some 6 month clothes too!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from your 3rd month of life!

Owen's favorite time of the day!

Owen's new friend Sophie the giraffe

Mother's Day 

up & running again!

Well, I've been MIA because of our major computer issues.

Long story short, I dropped our laptop when Owen was 6 weeks old. It was entirely an accident (obviously!), but I still feel horrible about it.

We're in the process of having the hard drive recovered, but the computer itself is useless.

We pulled out our old desktop, rearranged our living room to set the desk up in here & were doing good for a week or so until the computer decided to stop recognizing our internet connection.

After calls to tech support we decided our best option was to re-install the operating system.
When you do this, you pretty much start totally over with nothing on your computer.
So, we had to load all of our software back on there, install tons of upgrades & now, at last, we are up & running again!

Our current computer situation is not 100% ideal & we're hoping to buy a new laptop when the back-to-school sales start up in a couple of months.
Hopefully, for now we're back on track.

It's crazy around here getting ready to leave for Emerald Isle on Saturday morning. I'm hoping to get a few posts in between now & then since I'm so far behind.

Check back soon!