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Friday, April 18, 2014

Priceless moments.

The last few months haven't lent themselves to writing about all of the fun moments we've enjoyed. I'm learning to be ok with that-these priceless moments are forever in my mind, my heart, and thankfully I captured many with my camera too!

Owen's first banana pudding. With the exception of one year since her death, I remember Peppes on the anniversary of her death by making her banana pudding. I never make it any other day of the year. Some of my sweetest memories with Peppes were in the kitchen learning how to make important things like banana pudding. This year, Chris' family was in town. I let Owen help me stir the homemade pudding with the wooden spoon. It will continue to be an important tradition that I want to carry on. And, clearly he loved the banana pudding, Peppes would be delighted!
A breakfast conversation with BooBoo in March.

My silly cowboy.
 My little green monster-his new monster bath robe from Kohl's.

" Mowing with Daddy"

 Learning to love Daddy's hammock

Sweet faces.

Owen's first baseball game-Nashville Sounds, March 12th, 2014.

A blog hiatus.

I've been on quite the blog hiatus. My last post was over a month ago. In some ways it feels like yesterday.
This last month has been eventful, filled with a bout with a stomach bug for all 3 of us, a thus-far unproductive house search, and wrapping up the end of a busy semester. Oh, and keeping up with a very busy 2-year old boy.

But, my favorite time of the year has finally arrived-spring! Because this past winter was so bitterly cold and long, I feel like I have enjoyed this year's spring more than ever before. Spring has refreshed me in a much needed way.

I took a few minutes last weekend to capture these pictures of the beauty of spring...God is so good.