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Thursday, April 28, 2011

i'm bad at this...

I've been a horrible blogger lately.

So, maybe April has flown by just as quickly as March.
I'm blaming it on it being the end of the semester and all that goes along with that.
The countdown to graduation is on though, 2 weeks from Saturday!

Between the craziness at work and the crazy weather (tons of rain & close calls with tornadoes), we've been busy planning our summer...
-4-days of fun with my sisters at the CMA Festival
-8 days in Stockholm, Sweden (more on that to come)!!!
-a week in Yellowstone with Chris' family

Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging soon and can share the details of our exciting upcoming adventures!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

inspiring words...

Inspiring words from our pastor's daily e-mail devotion:

"I wonder how much of our anxious worry could be alleviated each day if we just remembered Who remains in control of our world. We worry and complain about the things that we need as though God is unable to meet those needs.
Paul offers these words to the church at Philippi... "And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19)
Just as the ancient Israelites had to learn the lesson of God dependency, we too must learn to trust God for the needs of our lives. Do we possibly think that the God Who gave bread in the wilderness can't help with our hunger? Do we think that the God Who led their steps can't provide us with direction? Do we think that the God Who heard their cries turns a deaf ear to ours?
The problem is not a lack of resources on the part of God, it is a lack of trust on the part of His children. If God gives you a vision, He will provide the means for its fulfillment. If God gives you a calling, He will provide a way for you follow His lead. If God gives you a talent, He will provide a place for it to be used.
Rather than worrying about what you don't have, learn to depend on the One Who possesses all things. Trust God for both the daily bread and for the supplies to fuel whatever dream He plants in your heart."

-Jon Roebuck