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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Owen's crib

Owen's crib arrived on Friday afternoon!!!

We decided on the DaVinci Reagan crib & I love it!

Mom & I were so anxious to put it together that we got started on it ourselves (while the men watched the UGA vs. FL game!).
We did a great job, but by the end it had become a group project & everyone was involved!

The crib bedding came in a few weeks ago (I'm obviously w-a-y behind in blogging).

I absolutely L-O-V-E it!!

I can't wait to get it all set up in Owen's crib!

Although the crib is about the only thing in Owen's room (besides a closet full of clothes & goodies), it's so nice to have the crib in the nursery.

I simply love walking by the door & seeing it sitting there.

I love thinking about how in a few short months I will be laying our tiny son in this bed!

Chris' baptism

Chris & I recently made the decision to join our church here in Nashville.

We joined Woodmont Baptist Church on 9/11/11.

Although a believer, Chris had never been an official member of a church & had never been baptized.
So, this past Sunday morning at our morning worship service Chris was baptized by Dr. Jon Roebuck.

Both sets of our parents were in town this past weekend for the occassion. We enjoyed being able to visit with them and have them witness the event.
We love our church family & feel so blessed to have found such an amazing church!

a name!

At last, baby Tarr has a name!!!!!!!

Well, at least a 1st name.

You can now call baby Tarr----------Owen Tarr.

We're still toying with a few middle names, but haven't settled on anything just yet.

I'm so pleased that we can now call our son by name!

(P.S.-I'm 27 weeks...can't believe how fast the weeks are going by!)