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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Owen at 2 months.

Time is flying by faster than ever & now Owen is 2 months old!!!
As you can see, Owen is growing super fast & is such a big boy!
Here's what you're up to lately:
  • You're so "busy" these days...your hands are exploring everything & you are kicking those strong legs & feet around like a crazy man!
  • In addition to discovering your hands, you've discovered your voice. You make all sorts of cute sounds...mostly "maaaa" & "yaaaa". Sometimes when you 1st wake up in the morning or after a nap, you don't cry you just start "talking". It's super cute!
  • You started smiling about about 6 weeks & you haven't stopped since!!! You tend to smile the most when you are lying on your changing table, so we spend a lot of time playing there. Unfortunately, you don't really like to cooperate in smiling at the camera & it's hard to capture many smiley pictures. I'm going to keep on trying though!
  • You love to sit up with our help & have gotten super good with your head control.
  • You also love to be carried around facing outwards so you can check out everything going on around you.
  • You love, love, love to stare at overhead lights & the ceiling fans. I think you could stare at them for hours.
  • At about 6 weeks old you started sleeping longer stretches between feedings at night...hooray!!! So far, you average about 5 & 1/2 or 6 hours from the time I lay you down (about 9 p.m.) until your next feeding. One night you even slept 7 hours!
  • However, you love to start your day nice & early around 6:00-6:30 a.m. regardless of how recently you ate.
  • From about 5 weeks-8 weeks the hair on the front 1/3 of your head fell out (sad :-(). I knew that was normal, but didn't want it to fall out. It's now coming back as the cutest and softest little sandy blonde fuzz. Your hair is definitely getting more of a redish-tint on the sides & in the back...love it
  • You love things that make noise. When we get you ready for bed at night, I play the rain song on our sound machine & you love it. Your newest favorite sound is the hairdryer. You can be unhappy & if I turn on the hairdryer, you settled immediately...it's a handy trick!
  • You got your 1st shots just before you turned 8 weeks old. It was super sad to watch you scream while you got a total of 3 shots in your tiny little thighs (1 in 1 thigh & 2 in the other). You also got the oral rotovirus vaccine which unfortunately gave you diarrhea for a few days...not fun. You were quite sleepy & a little more cranky than usual for about 48 hours, but all in all you handled the shots quite well.
  • In addition to all of the family you met when you made your 1st road trip to Conyers, your Uncle Dave & Aunt Courtney came from D.C. to visit a few weekends ago. They had a great time playing with you & mommy & daddy enjoyed their visit too!
  • 2 of mommy's sweet friends from Belmont babysat for you on 2 different occassions. Mrs. Sharon watched you while mommy had lunch at the Puffy Muffin with Catherine H. & Ms. Sara watched you while mommy got a much-needed haircut! We have a lengthy list of people who are dying to babysit you...what a blessing!
At your last doctor's appointment (you were 7 weeks), you weighed 10 lbs. & 12 oz. (45th%), measured 22 inches (45th%) & your head circumference was also in the 45th%...a perfectly proportioned little man!
You are wearing exclusively 3 months clothes & when you wear a disposable diaper (if we're out for a long time or someone else is babysitting for you) you wear a size '2'.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I love touching people's hands, holding the hands of those I love, and just looking at peoples' hands.
The only reading we had at our wedding was a poem entitled "The Hands of the Bride & Groom".
I definitely think you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their hands.
It's suffice to say that I'm very intrigued by hands...and now, especially intrigued by little, tiny hands!

In the last few weeks, Owen has discovered his hands & has learned that he can do things with them.
It has been one of the most fun aspects of watching him grow in the past several weeks.

He started by reaching for our faces with his hands when he was on his changing table.
Quickly he learned that he could grab my hair as well (ouch!).
It wasn't long & he discovered my necklaces (no more jewelry for me for a while).

Now, he's grabbing at everything...
his shirt, our shirts, burp cloths, his bibs, his taggie blanket (his favorite thing right now), his toys hanging from the play mat and the bouncy seat...

He also likes to think that he's "helping" us with his hands. He likes to put a hand, sometimes two, on his bottle. He loves to "help" by wiping spit-up off of his face. He also has been known to put his hands down into his diaper = much less helpful.

Just this week, he's gone beyond just grabbing everything to rubbing things too.
We're reading him a few of his books that have textured objects, and I think he likes that!

I can't wait to continue to watch our little man learn new things with his hands...he's sooo fun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Owen's 1st road trip!

Owen took his 1st road trip to Conyers a few weeks ago!

Grammy came up on Wednesday night and she, I, & Owen left for Conyers on Thursday morning. Chris joined us for the weekend.

Owen did great in the car on the way down! We even had to sit in traffic for an extra hour, and although he was a bit fussy then he was still not too unhappy.

He did great on the trip back to our house too.

1st road trip=success!

We enjoyed getting to introduce Owen to some Atlanta-area family & friends.
Here are some pictures from our adventures.
Smiling for Grammy!
Meeting Aunt Sissy
Hanging out with Grammy
Meeting Aunt Diann & Uncle Leon
Auntie Cheri introducing Owen to Uncle Jesse for the 1st time
Meeting Aunt Lisa, Aunt Kit Kat, & Uncle Sam for the 1st time
Looking forward to our next road trip!!!

you might be a new mom if...

  • it's noon & you're still drinking your morning coffee!
  • you realize at some point in the day that you have baby spit-up on your shirt & you have no idea how long it's been there.
  • it's 2 p.m. & you can't remember if you brushed your teeth this morning :-(
  • you think your boobs might spend more time uncovered more than covered!
  • you're not entirely sure what day of the week it is.
  • you consider going to the grocery store a 'retreat'.
  • you haven't blogged in a month!!!

Yes, all of these things have happened to me in the last month.
Please do not think that I am complaining...I'm definitely not.
I wouldn't trade not one second of my time with Owen despite any of these things.

Being a mom to a 2 month old is an adventure & I love it!!!

(Hopefully more blog posts with pictures to come soon!)