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Friday, August 29, 2008

dental woes & my burn...

At my 6-month dental check-up 2 weeks ago, my dentist found a decay in the next to last tooth on the upper right side of my mouth.

I went last Tuesday to have it filled. About 1/4 of the way into the process, the dentist stopped to take x-rays of the tooth pulp telling me that it seemed like a deep decay. She said I might need a root canal...ahhhh. So, I sat freaking out in the chair until she came back from looking at the x-rays & said that it was deep, but not to the pulp. 2 hours later...I finally left, but with only 1/2 of the filling done.

Needless to say, I was less than pleased. It took until about Saturday night before I could stop taking the extra strength Tylenol & could chew on the right side of my mouth.

Of course by then Monday rolled around & I had to go back for the 2nd 1/2 of the filling...wahoo. It was far more painful than the first, but luckily today it's feeling much better & I can officially chew on the right side of my mouth.

All in the midst of this, a rather unfortunate accident occurred last Thursday evening...it goes like this. I was cooking risotto for dinner. I had the broth that I had been boiling for about 15 minutes & I was in the process of slowly adding it to my risotto, chicken & tomato mixture. Somewhere in the process of adding it, I flipped the pot of boiling broth...ahhhhh. I was on the phone with Chris & I was literally screaming. I felt like I was burning all over. It was a horrible feeling. He got me calmed down & sent me to the shower. Looking back on it, it's sort of funny, but there I was standing clothed in my pajamas holding the phone out so Chris could keep me semi-calm. I feel so thankful because when it was all over and done with, I have a burn about the size of a half dollar on my right upper thigh & that's all. It's healing well (I know this because it itches like crazy!) and hopefully it won't scar. It was definitely a scary moment though.

I'm glad all of my woes are resolved so that we can enjoy our weekend at Lake Hartwell! Be back Monday!

A beautiful day for a baseball game...

Yankee Stadium...

there are almost no words to describe how amazing it was to be there. Although I have seen it many times on t.v., being there myself made it come to life.

Our seats were perfect & of course I took advantage of it & took over 100 pictures just while we were there. I also tried out the video capabilities on my camera & videoed the traditional 7th-inning singing of "Take me Out to the Ballgame" while I panned around the view of the stadium. Maybe by the time Abbey & I have seen a game at every baseball park I'll have a video of "Take me Out to the Ballgame" at every stadium!

We each enjoyed a slice of New York-style pizza & a hot dog while we were there...delicious!

It is such a shame that in just a short time the originial stadium will stand no more. It will always be known as "The House that Ruth Built".

The new stadium stands just across a 2-lane street from the original stadium & looks nearly just like it except it's bigger.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Monday, August 18, 2008

NYC: Day 2

By 9:00 we were strolling from the cafe where we had breakfast to Rockefeller Center. We had just enough time to visit the NBC Store, see the NBC Rainbow Room, and buy a pair of designer sun glasses! (What trip to NYC would be complete without a pair?)

Then at last it was time to head to Yankee Stadium. We hailed a cab, which by the way we now are experts at, and off we went. I took lots of pictures from the window of the cab as we drove through parts of the city that I'd never seen. The views of Central Park were great, although I never got any good pictures of it.
Here's a random picture of a neat bridge from the cab window...sad thing is, I'm not sure which bridge it is!

New York City: Day 1

Well...We have returned from N.Y.C. after an amazingly fun, quick trip! We managed to cram a lot of stuff into less 2 days in the city.

Even though this is my 3rd trip to the city, I never cease to be amazed at everything from the massive buildings, the expansive number of stores, and of course, the charming residents & their lifestyle which I know I could never get used to.

Here's a recap of day 1...
I left Raleigh just before 9a.m. Saturday. Just before landing we flew right over Shea Stadium, home of the NY Mets. I was also able to see their new stadium just next to Shea. It was pretty cool.

After meeting up with Abbey, catching our shuttle to the Flatotel & storing our luggage there, we hit the streets! We had lunch at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company (I definitely recommend the coconut shrimp...), and then we headed off to the Toys R' Us across the street where we rode the ferris wheel! Yes the two of us, at the ages of 19 & 25, were definitely the oldest, childless riders, but we had a blast. We rode in the orange & yellow Little Tikes car...how fun!

We walked around a little bit more & then we were off to stand in line at the TKTS booth for our 50% off Broadway show tickets. We were in line about 2:00 p.m., & had awesome tickets for GREASE, starring Taylor Hicks, before 3:30 p.m. We found the theater & scouted out a place for dinner & then headed back to the hotel to get our luggage & get ready for a night out on the town!

We put on our fun little dresses & headed out for dinner at a little Italian trattoria where the caesar salad & fettucini alfredo was delicious! We walked just next door to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre where we saw GREASE which was totally awesome. I loved knowing all of the songs & being able to sing along. The cast was so amazing & each of them were so perfect for their roles. I love Broadway shows!

After the show it was back to the hotel to get out of our cute, but most uncomfortable shoes & then over to the Cafe Duke for smoothies followed by part of a movie & then it was time for us to rest up for day 2...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weekend recap..

We went to Carolina Beach on Saturday for an anniversary celebration. We had a great time. It was very hot, but my new tripod shelter courtesy of Chris' parents came in very handy. The beach was not crowded at all & the current was calmer than the last time we were there.

We stopped back in Wilmington for dinner at Elijah's Oyster Bar on the river. We enjoyed our delicious dinner on the deck with a view of the river. It was a great day-long getaway.

Sunday we had to catch up on some things around here, including homework, boo.. :-(. Chris did install our gutter guards which has been on our to-do list for a while. We love to check things off of our list.

Only 5 more days of school for this semester...yeah!!!
One of my classes is over, but my stats open-book final is open until Tuesday. Then, 3 weeks off!!!

Sissy & Jennifer are headed up today to visit until tomorrow afternoon & then we'll head home for a pre-birthday weekend in GA. We're looking forward to that.

Next weekend Abbey & I will be in N.Y.C.. We're soooo excited. We've spent so much time planning & anticipating the trip & it's finally almost here! There will be so many pictures to share.

Off to clean the house before our company arrives!