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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog days of summer.

Hot, humid days have kept us inside more than usual this week.
Owen & I are hanging out at home alone while Daddy is hiking with family in Colorado.

Sadie misses Chris, & I'm not so sure that she's so appreciative of how Owen is choosing to spend his additional inside time...

Felt food.

Owen's all-time favorite toy is the play kitchen we gave him for his 1st Christmas. He plays with it every day.
We caught some grief buying him a kitchen because he is a boy, but boys need to learn how to cook too!

Felt food is nothing new in the crafting world, but I finally had some time to try my hand at it recently. And what's more manly than bacon & eggs? I couldn't resist!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


2 frittatas, 60 sausage balls, 48 mini muffins, fruit salad, a crock pot full of stone ground grits, a bowl full of coffee punch (AKA "Crack punch") =a brunch to celebrate the amazing work that our friends will accomplish while serving in the Dominican Republic...what a great time!

Dollar store fun.

Thanks to inspiration from Pinterest & a visit to the Dollar Store a few weeks ago, we've been having some good, inexpensive fun on hot or rainy days.

1 plastic dish tub, 2 bags of dry black beans, & plastic bugs= lots of fun digging in the "dirt" for bugs ...worms, "crickies" (crickets), & "manti" (praying mantises")

1 dog collar, 1 dog leash, & 1 stuffed Horton the Elephant = tons of fun "walking" Owen's pet around the house (Owen calls Horton an "effant")

We're having lots of fun using our new things & our imaginations!