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Saturday, January 31, 2009

lab weekend...

Yesterday was the 1st day of our 1st on-campus weekend for Physical Assessment labs.

It went smoother, and was less stressful than I was imaginging. We even got out 45 minutes early!

Laura from work and I are partners and we're learning a lot...always a good thing!

Now, if I can just have some time to learn this crazy hard Patho I'll be ok.

It's been a rough week (Tuesday at work was insane), but it seems like things are looking up.

I'm totally looking forward to our SuperBowl party tomorrow night with friends from church. Can't wait for a great game & some totally delicious food...

Here's to a great Saturday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

do you ever feel?

...like you just can't get ahead, or even stay afloat for that matter.

That's how I'm feeling right now...

This semester is killing me...

Between a physical assessment quiz and write-up due every week along with the reading and lectures AND a weekly patho quiz, case study discussion, reading and lectures, I am beyond busy.

Add to that working 3- 12hour shifts a week,
trying to cook decent meals for us,
attempting to keep the house clean,
paying the bills,
grocery shopping,
, trying to get some sleep,
and most importantly,spending quality time with Chris & of course, Sadie...

I feel like I'll never get ahead.

Chris is doing his best to help out by doing more cooking (which is good because he's a great cook!) and other things around the house, but I still feel overwhelmed.

If that's not bad enough, all I can think about is the things I want to be doing like...

knifty knitting,
napping :-)
writing on my blog...

I'm starting out this week with a new plan for staying afloat. It's going to require a lot of discipline & good time management. I hope it works!

Glad I took a few minutes I felt like I didn't have to blog!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

snow days...

We woke up yesterday to 2 inches of snow with more falling and it was 9 degrees!!!

It was beautiful, but sooooo cold...

The unfortunate part was that I had to go to work...boo.

Chris got to stay home and play in the snow with Sadie. She mostly seemed to enjoy eating the snow!

More than an inch of our snow is still on the ground this morning, waiting on the sun to come and melt it away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

check out this blog...

I found it a while back & now it's one of the blogs I follow regularly.

Various people contribute to the blog so you can find a wide array of recipes. They're categorized nicely so you can search by type of recipe to easily pull up what you have in mind.

Many of the recipes also have pictures which I love.

It's one of my favorite places to turn when I'm clueless about what to make for dinner.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have always wanted to be on Jeopardy...in fact, it's on my "bucket list"...

I've watched the show for as long as I can remember...

I just finished signing-up to take the online qualifying test to be a contestant on JEOPARDY!!!

Can you believe it???...I hardly can!

I take the test Tuesday, Jan. 27th @ 8 p.m.

I've heard that the questions are very difficult (far more difficult than the ones on the show), so I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

Atleast I'll be able to say I tried!!!

JEOPARDY, here I come...

lollipop brownies...

How cute are these?

Our local craft store is having a demonstration on Saturday on how to make these sweet lollipop brownies...

I have to work, but I think I can figure out how to make them on my own!

Maybe I'll try them out for the Valentine's Day bake sale at work.


"Friendship is a sheltering tree. "
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I had the chance to go back to GA this past weekend to spend some time with 2 of my dearest friends. We had a great time hanging out and catching up.

In addition to my dearest friends, I had a chance to play with the one & only Miss Scarlett. She is as cute & sweet as I had imagined her to be. It was so fun to see her again. I hadn't seen her since she turned 3 months old.

It's always good to spend time in the company of friends...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas gifts...

So, this is a long time in coming, but...

We were so blessed with many wonderful Christmas gifts this year thanks to our friends & family.

Here's a recap of some of my favorite gifts...

I have an ever-growing collection of children's books. (I love to read & want to share that love with our children from the start!) David & Courtney gave me this wonderful book to add to the shelf...it's too sweet!

I love my new red wool coat from my parents!

Aunt Lisa continues adding to my Pampered Chef collection...I got these awesome decorator bottles. Can't wait to try them out!

Adding to another collection of mine, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Sam I gave me the set of Willow Tree wisemen to add to my nativity...now, just for the creche. I'm saving up!

Chris' parents gave me a beautiful new rectangular mirror to hang above our mantle along with new hurricanes for our mantle. As soon as it's all set up, I'll post pictures.

Chris' mom also gave me some crocheting yarn, hooks, and a book with patterns...best of all, she's teaching me to crochet. So far, I've had 2 mini-lessons & I think I'm picking it up pretty quickly. Now, I've just got to stick with it.

I got a lot of new, fun clothes that I'm enjoying. Of course when you get new clothes, you need new SHOES! Thanks to Abbey, I got an adorable pair of red, patent leather flats...love them!

It was a blessed, holiday season!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas cards...

Don't know what to do with your Christmas cards from this year?

If you're like me, you feel bad throwing them away, but don't like to keep clutter like that around either.

Instead, you can send them to St. Jude's Ranch for Children where they use the front of the cards and allow the children to piece them together into artwork for new cards that are sold for fundraising.

Send just the front side of your Christmas cards to the following address:

St. Jude's Ranch for Children
100 St. Jude's Street
P.O. Box 60100
Boulder City, NV 89006

You can also check out the website @ stjudesranch.org/give/Recycled_Cards.php.

celebrity sighting!

We headed to Panera with friends after church today to get some warm soup on a cold, wet day & who should we see???.....
Right there ordering bagels at the counter of the Chapel Hill Panera.
We all got quite a kick out of it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's great to be a GA Bulldog...

Today is definitely a great day to be a GA Bulldog.

Our dawgs beat Michigan State 24-12 in the Capital One Bowl...goooooo dawgs!!!!

I love me some UGA football!

ringing in 2009

What better way to ring in 2009 than to look back at the memories of 2008?
Here's a recap of my favorite memories from 2008...

The 4 of us started out 2008 with quite a bang...we went skydiving in February at Skydive the Farm...AWESOME!

At the end of February/beginning of March, I enjoyed a trip to Boston to visit my best friend Lyndsey & the sweet addition to her family...baby Scarlett.

I had a great time spending time with them & seeing the sights in Boston, including the one & only Fenway Park (snow-covered!).

In June, we witnessed the marriage of 2 of our dear friends, Karen & Barron.

Their wedding was lovely & they make a beautiful couple.

On August 12th, I celebrated my 25th birthday!

Later in August, Abbey & I embarked on our quest to see a baseball game at every baseball park in America.

We saw a Sunday afternoon Yankees vs. Royals game complete with hotdogs & pizza.

We're looking forward to more trips in the coming years...

In September, Chris & I had the opportunity to visit David in Portland, OR.

We took a week, rented a car, & drove over 1,100 miles seeing the sights in the Pacific Northwest. We were able to visit Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Ranier, Mt. Hood, Seattle & Portland.

I think my 2 favorite memories of the trip were our time at Pike Place Market (home of the original Starbucks & all the fresh flowers, fruits, & veggies you can imagine) & our time at Mt. Ranier.

I'm looking forward to the memories 2009 has to offer...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!