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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owen's 11th month.

We celebrated Owen's 1st birthday last Friday!!! The last month of his first year was an fun & eventful one...

  • You have taken as many as 8 consecutive, unassisted steps & are trying harder & harder to walk more and crawl less. 
  • You enjoy pushing anything around the house, the laundry basket, a box, your toys. You just like to be moving. 
  • You have learned to tell Sadie "shhhh" when she barks or makes too much noise. You also "shhhh" other loud sounds (trains, loud trucks...).
  • You don't really have any new words that we can interpret, but you are constantly making noises. You make truck noises when you push things around on the floor, you make noises when you look at books & play in the bathtub, you babble when we ride in the car...chatty, chatty little guy.
  • You continue to love music. Everything is better when we're playing music!
  • You're working on learning to feed yourself with a spoon. You get the concept, but just can't always get it into your mouth quite right. When you miss your mouth, you get frustrated because we all know that you like to eat & you don't like to waste any time in getting your food down.
  • You love to give kisses & hugs. You'll do it if we ask you, but my favorite is when you just come over to where we are & love on us.
  • You've become very attached to your "Little Bear", the very 1st things we bought you after finding out about you. Mommy bought it at the original IKEA in Sweden. You love to sleep with Little Bear & if we ask you if you love Little Bear, you snuggle & kiss him...precious!
  • You've transitioned to drinking whole milk only, 3 times a day with your meals.
  • You wear 12 & 18 months clothes.

It has been such a fun  year little man! We love you soooo much!

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