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Thursday, January 31, 2013

New recipes.

Since discovering the wonderful world of Pinterest, we have been trying out new recipes every week. We have found some wonderful new favorites that I wanted to share. Click the recipe title for the full recipe.

I love scallops but don't cook them often at home. I definitely will now!

I multi-purposed the recipe by following the directions but adding no water. It was thick like pasta sauce & I mixed some of it in with cooked, whole-wheat ziti and baked it....yum! I took the rest, added some water to thin it out & ate it as soup. Loved both variations!

Chris was entirely skeptical about this one, but it has turned out to be our absolute favorite Pinterest recipe find. Even Mr. Owen loves the combination of fresh roasted brussel sprouts with pesto & chicken sausage. It's a must try!

I'll have more new tasty recipes to share soon.

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