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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow, snow, snow

Over the weekend we got 7 inches of snow!

I have never had to deal with this much snow on the ground.
I've seen this much snow on the ground from a distance, but that's about it.

Normally, I wouldn't have minded a weekend full of snow, but I had to work.

So, I spent Friday & Saturday nights in a hotel across the street from Duke with my co-workers so we could all safely get to work Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Being snowed-in at a hotel with your co-workers isn't the same as being snowed-in with your husband and sweet dog by the fire at home (not saying it's not fun, just not the same!).

Luckily, the roads from our house to Duke were plowed on Sunday so Chris was able to retrieve me from work Sunday night so I could come back home.

The snow was/is beautiful...we still have probably 5 inches on the ground in our yard.

It made for some pretty pictures...

This morning we're off to Colorado where we hear there is over 2 feet of snow!

Perfect for our mission...skiing!

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