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Friday, November 6, 2009

learning about Nashville...

Being the curious person that I am, I've been doing a little searching about Nashville...you know, the important things to know like is there a
Chick-fil-A & a Hobby Lobby!

Things I've learned so far:

(1) Nashville is the 2nd largest city in TN with over 1.5 million people.
(didn't realize it was quite that large!)

(2) Nashville is in the central time zone, meaning they're an hour behind us.
(atleast it's only an hour)

(3) There is a Hobby Lobby!!!
(huge deal people, I've been living without one in a 100-mile radius for over 4 years...this could be a dangerous thing!)

(4) There is indeed a Chick-fil-A...hooray!

(5) There are Krogers & SunTrust banks.
(I don't want to switch banks-it's far too complicated & that's
one less thing we'll have to deal with in the moving process.)

(6) Nashville is the Music City Capital of the World.
(I knew that, but maybe you didn't :-))

(7) Residents of TN do not pay state income taxes,
instead they pay exorbitantly high sales taxes...almost 10% in some places. (oh dear!)

(8) This month's Southern Living features Arnold's Country Kitchen, one of their picks for the best Southern Diners...their specialties are apparently fried green tomatoes & banana pudding.
(yummy...2 of my favorites!-We will be checking it out)

Random info, I know, but hey, these little details are very important!

1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

Yay for Chickfila Kroger and Hobby Lobby! Central time is really not that hard to get used to...and with DVR, it really doesn't even change the TV schedule too much! Our sales tax here is almost 9%...it really sucks and I'm still getting used to it! Happy fact searching :o)