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Friday, December 21, 2012

Owen's 10th month.

Owen was 11 months old on Tuesday! I feel like he's grown up so much in the last month. Here's a recap of his 10th month of life...

  • Busy is an understatement...you always prefer to be standing up, cruising along the furniture, & you've already taken a few solitary steps.
  • You say "bye", "hey", "dog", "mama", "dada", "cookie", & "Jesus" (so sweet) & you say many other things that we just can't translate yet.
  • You love to read. You turn the pages & will sometimes sit with a book open in your lap & "read" it to me.
  • You imitate most everything we do...you brush your teeth with your little toothbrush when we do, you brush your hair, & you try to put your own shoes on.
  • You've learned to stack the rings on your ring stacker, to put some of your toys in the basket when we clean up before bed, & you've learned to clap your hands (precious!) so you love to clap for yourself when you do something good!
  • We had been giving you water in a sippy cup for a couple of months, but started giving you milk in your cup. You took right to it & have now transitioned off of the bottle to the sippy cup...what a big boy!
  • You've tried a few more new foods-tuna, mini pizzas, spaghetti, & an Oreo.
  • You wear 12 months clothes. 
You're just growing up so fast! It's so hard for me to believe that it's less than a month until your 1st birthday!

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