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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Owen's First Week

The 1st week of your little life just flew by!
I wish we could stop time & keep you this little forever.
But, time keeps moving so I want to try to document things we learn about you as you grow.
In your first week of life...
  • You got the hiccups at least once a day...luckily, they don't seem to bother you!
  • Everyone comments on your perfect skin complexion...you definitely do have beautiful skin!
  • You love to keep your hands near your face. We weren't too surprised by this as you had your hands over your face for the majority of the 3 of the ultrasounds we had.
    Keeping your nails filed is the challenge so you don't claw your little face to pieces
  • We're working on getting you to take a Soothie pacifier (your "binky") because if not, I'm convinced you'll be sucking your thumb or fingers for years to come. So far, you take it ok, but when you want to suck your hand, you won't even entertain the binky. Time will tell...
  • You eat about every 3-4 hours
  • Nearly everyone comments about how much you look like your Grampy...your hair, your coloring, many of your facial expressions-it's quite wild!
  • You got a bit jaundiced (a little yellow in your eyes & around your nose & chin) starting about day 4...Dr. Rauth wasn't worried
  • In the 1st week of your life you met your grandma, grandpa, Grammy, Grampy, Auntie Cheri, Auntie Abbey, great-grandpa, Pastor Jon, Pastor Todd, & Mrs. Shannon Simon.
  • You went for your 1st week check-up at Dr. Rauth's on 1/26...you weighed 6 lbs. & 15 oz. (the same you weighed on Friday when we brought you home) & she said you looked perfect!
  • You don't love tummy time, but you don't absolutely hate it either
  • You absolutely love your swing. It doesn't matter if it's on & swinging, if the music is just playing, or if you're just sitting in it...so happy tou like it!
  • You are a noisy, noisy little sleeper...who knew babies could make so many noises. You coo, gurgle, squeak, whimper, whine, and sometimes it seems you are almost laughing.
  • We love to watch your facial expressions when you sleep...sometimes it looks like you are smiling, sometimes you just peek out of one eye ("the pirate look"), & you have a very serious look too when you furrow your little brow!
  • You absolutely love, love, love to have your hair washed but don't so much love our little sponge baths.
  • You've already earned yourself 2 nicknames-

    1) "Scooter"- You are such a wiggler...you don't like to have your arms or legs too contained & during tummy time you are already digging your feet into the play mat to get your butt up in the air. We imagine you'll be semi-rolling over in no time!

    2) "Shooter"-On your 1 week birthday, you entertained Grammy & I by peeing all over everything during a diaper change. You peed on the wall, the closet door, the floor, the picture hanging above your changing table. It required some major clean-up, but was hilarious & priceless (as long as you don't make a habit of it!)!

We have absolutely loved everything about the 1st week of your life & can't wait to see what next week holds!

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