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Monday, February 13, 2012

Owen at 2 weeks

Owen was 2 weeks old on February 1st.

Highlights from his 2nd week of life:

  • Grammy stayed with us until you were was 9 days old. Having her here was simply amazing & to say that she was helpful would be an understatement.
  • Katie Mosley came to shoot newborn photos on day 9...so can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. We had such a blast with her!
  • You had had lots of visitors-grandma & grandpa, Boo Boo, Big Nana, Aunt Erin, great grandpa & Marion and mommy & daddy's friends Kim and Kyle & Scott & Sarah.
  • You had your 1st tub bath on day 11. You didn't love it at 1st, but by the end you were pretty content.
  • We know you can't see much, but that doesn't stop us from showing you everything we can. You've definitely started focusing on our faces a little more this week. You reached up & touched Daddy's beard one night!

A few pictures from Owen's 2nd week of life:

Still love your swing!

We've started laying you in your crib to play & for a few naps here & there...sometimes you love it & sometimes you hate it.

If we leave you in your crib for more than about 3 minutes, you turn your upper body over onto your right side...clearly you didn't get the memo about "Back to Sleep"!

You can definitely focus on things a bit better, but focusing usually makes you go cross-eyed. You love your fun, yellow giraffe!

We love you so much Owen!!

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