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Monday, February 13, 2012

Owen at 3 weeks

Owen was 3 weeks old on February 8th...time is just flying by!
In your 3rd week of life:
  • You had your 3 week check-up & everything looked great except you weren't gaining any weight :-(. We started giving you formula supplements temporarily & you gained 8 oz. in 3 days. Dr. Rauth said you were a rockstar!
  • You had more visitors-Mommy & Daddy's friends Claire, Laura, & Meghan, and your Auntie Abbey returned for a fun weekend visit!
  • You & mom made your 1st solo trip out to Harris Teeter & Whole Foods...success!
  • You have found your feet. One afternoon you were in your swing & I looked over just as you ripped your socks off your feet & then laid them across your belly. You definitely do not appreciate socks!
  • You have fallen in love with your bath time. We sit you in the sling inside of the infant tub until you get a bit bigger, but you often figure out a way to throw one of your legs over the side of the sling to get it down in the water.
  • You love to stare at bright lights. Your eyes will always find the overhead lights in any room.
  • You've come to love your 'binky' & have learned how to grab it with your hands. Unfortunately, all you do when you grab it is yank it out of your mouth. We're going to have to work on teaching you how to put it back in!

A few pictures from your 3rd week of life:

One happy little family!
Playing with my feet
Hanging out with Auntie Abbey
Chilling out in the bath

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