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Monday, September 28, 2009


Check out what I did today...

Front entrance of our home before:

Front entrance of our home post transformation:
PICTURE TO COME---it started raining just after I finished painting, before I could shoot a photo!
I'll hopefully get one tomorrow so you won't be kept in suspense too long.

The paint on our front porch railings has been slowly chipping off for some time now.
It's been driving me crazy, but yet neither Chris not I had any time to deal with it (plus, with it raining the last 5 weekends in a row we've not had nice weather for it either).

The sad state of affairs of our front porch paint-so sad, I know.

Well, today was the day to fix it up!
I cleaned the railings & banisters off with bleach & warm water.
While it dried, I ran to Lowe's for supplies.
Then, I painted away.
There's not a lot of surface to paint, but it's tedious because I had to use a small brush to get around each of the banisters.

For the last few months I've grown to simply despise the light fixtures on either side of our front door.
I never liked them much to begin with, but I was dealing with it.
Poor Chris, I knew if I asked him to change out one more light fixture for me that he might snap (he's so good to do it, but I don't want to push it too much!).
So, I took matters into my own hands...

It was mostly the gross, brass-color of the fixtures that I was so over. (can you blame me?)

So, I painted them BLACK!

I'm sad that I wasn't brave enough to paint them before now.
(Note about painting metal light fixtures: You must prime the metal surface first for the paint to stick to it.)
Luckily, I had read into this enough to know to prime first.

To top it all off, I bought a new WELCOME doormat at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Gotta' love it too-it was regularly $19.99-today it was on sale for $14.99-with my 20% off coupon it was less than $13 with tax!

Total cost for my project: $40
(brushes, paint, drop cloth, doormat)
And...I still have a ton of ivory and black paint left.

All I'm missing now is a big 'ol pumpkin!
(Picking one up at Sam's is on Thursday's to-do list...)

I'm so glad that this transformation is done...
there's nothing that a girl & some paint can't fix!


Hollie said...

you go girl!

Court said...

Look at you, good joB!

Lyndsey said...

I'm impressed! Can't wait to see the after pictures!