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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

birthday recap

I had a great birthday!
Thanks to my family, friends, & co-workers for ensuring a wonderful day.

I worked on my birthday for the first time ever...I figured I'd have to do it sometime.
I was again reminded that I have the best co-workers in the world.
Katie M. brought homemade frosted brownies.
Everyone chipped in and got me a cookies & cream ice cream cake.
Anita put her creativity to work & wrote "Happy Birthday Starr" (my work nickname) on the cake with chocolate syrup & a 20-gauge needle...only a nurse would come up with that!
My co-workers never cease to impress me...love them all!

Chris & I enjoyed dinner at home followed by delicious
chocolate bliss ice cream cake.
I opened presents & we called it a night.

I was blessed with wonderful gifts...
-a Pampered Chef pizza cutter, pizza dough mix, & herb mix
-an apron
-handmade refrigerator magnets
-handmade pincushions
-lots of sewing notions
-a new addition to my children's book collection ("Counting Kisses")
-a new watch
-a bracelet
-a Willie Nelson t-shirt (because of a joke Chris & I have)
-money which I have used to buy a new iPod (can't wait until it arrives!)

I'm still really enjoying my sewing machine from mom & dad too...
hopefully I'll have my 1st truly successful project to share soon.

Chris & I wrapped up the birthday celebration Saturday night with dinner at 411 West.

What a wonderful birthday!

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Court said...

Sounds like a great birthday!!!