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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Holiday recap.

Happy New Year!
We had a hectic, yet wonderful Christmas season. I wish I had more time to share all of the moments we shared, but a quick recap will have to suffice.

Just a few days prior to Christmas, Owen seemed to have a heightened interest in Christmas so we spent lots of sweet moments talking about "baby Jesus", Joseph, Mary, shepherds, and donkeys. One day Owen told me that "baby Jesus didn't cry". It took me a minute, but then I remembered that we had been learning Away in a Manger and he was remembering that lyric.

Chris, Owen, & I spent our first Christmas Eve & Christmas Day here in Nashville. From reindeer pancakes for Christmas Eve breakfast to Woodmont's candlelight Christmas Eve service, we enjoyed lots of memorable moments.

Christmas morning was so fun as Owen really enjoyed opening a few wrapped packages and playing with his new toys (a toy leaf blower, a tent with a tunnel, a doctor's kit, & a small train set). We all enjoyed our time as a family of 3.

Chris & I built Owen his very own table and chairs which was our big gift to him. More on that later...

We then spent the day after Christmas through New Year's Day in Atlanta with our families which we also enjoyed.

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from our holiday...

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