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Friday, January 17, 2014

A 2 year old.

Dear Owen,

How can it be that tomorrow you will be 2 years old? Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that our home was filled with family & friends celebrating your first birthday. And on other days, it even feels like I was walking beside Daddy as we carried you into our home for the first time.

These two years with you have been an adventure & a blessing. I have loved watching you grow from a completely dependent squirmy baby to a constantly on-the-go little man seeking all the independence you can find.

You are curious, smart, loving, handsome, and full of fun. You love music, books, church, and of course-anything the color green. You love going to school, but you also love the days that you know we get to stay home together all day. You love weekend with Daddy home, and I love watching you two play together.

I wish I could capture all of our moments together in words. I pray that they will always be fresh in my mind. Being your mommy is my greatest joy!

I love you more & more every day. 



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