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Thursday, October 17, 2013


The Publix Baby Club newsletter came today & when I flipped it over to the back page I saw a column titled "What Every Mom Needs: Moms Need Perspective". It is an excerpt from a MOPS publication. It's a truth that spoke right to me, and after this past week seems to be yet another fitting reminder of my weaknesses & struggles.

"What Every Mom Needs: Moms Need Perspective

"Not now, honey. Mommy's busy. Maybe later."
How many times a day does a mom give this kind of response to her toddler's endless requests to "Read me another book" or "Play with me...please, Mommy, please," or "Let's make some cookies."

After all, Moms are always busy and always struggling with the decisions of what's most important right now. What a mom needs most in the midst of this struggle is perspective-the ability to fit the meaning of the moment into the bigger picture of life. Moms of young children especially need perspective as they constantly weigh the importance of household tasks against the importance of playing with children. The struggle to balance the urgent and the important. The struggle to recognize the choices and make them with wisdom. The ability to make the most of life's irretrievable moments."

I am learning that (1) keeping perspective is a moment by moment struggle for me, (2) a momentary lapse in perspective doesn't mean that I'm an awful, unloving mother, (3) mothers need to support each other in the challenge of maintaining the right perspective. 

What a wonderful reminder to me of the need to keep the right perspective no matter how difficult it may be!

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