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Monday, June 18, 2012

Owen's 4th month.

Owen turned 5 months old today, so it's time to see what Owen has been up to in the 4th month of his life.

The 4th month was a busy one for a little guy to say the least.
Here's what's new:

  •  You're still so busy "talking" & are adding all sorts of new sounds to your repertoire.
  • You love to squeal with delight when you are bored or when you find something new. 
  • You have nearly perfected removing your binky & putting it back in your mouth!
  • You have now rolled over from your belly to your back & your back to your belly. You have just started doing a little scooting across the floor when you're on your belly, so you're a busy little guy!
  • You are sooooo close to sitting up on your own. If you're feeling really spry, you can sit up unassisted for about 10 seconds before you start to fall forward...it won't be long!
  • You love to play with your feet & toes & have even tried to get your foot into your mouth-silly boy    :-)!
  • We stopped in Durham, NC on our way to Emerald Isle & met some of mommy & daddy's friends...Will & Vanessa (& baby Stevens), Christina & Alex, Will & Donica, Genevieve & baby Rose, Nathan & Emily (& baby Putman), & Corey.
  • You went to the beach for the 1st time a few weeks ago for Uncle Dave's wedding. You loved the sand & eventually warmed up to the salty ocean water.
  • Your favorite thing about the trip to the beach was the pool...I think we might have a little swimmer on our hands!
  • You started eating rice cereal 2 weeks ago & by the 2nd night you had mastered the eating with a spoon thing. You even get excited now when you sit in your high chair in the evening & watch me mix your cereal!
  • You also started eating bananas this weekend & seem to be enjoying them too.
  • You had a play date with baby Zoey, Scarlett, & Elle...you & all of the little ladies!
  • You're still taking 2 little cat naps in the morning and 1 longer afternoon nap. You're sleeping from about 8:15 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.-hooray!!!
  • You celebrated Daddy's 1st Father's Day with him yesterday...Daddy was so proud!

    You are wearing 6 month clothes & even a few 9 month outfits too.

    Here are some of my favorite pictures from your 4th month of life...

Owen loves Mr. Glowworm
Owen meets Mr. Will & Mrs. Vanessa

Family picture in the pool

Owen loved his pool float

1st day in the water...not digging it!

Uncle Dave's wedding
All boy!

Just before rice cereal night #1!

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