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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Owen

I cannot tell you just how excited Mommy & Daddy are about your nearing arrival.
Although we don't yet know all of the details of your arrival, we are so ready to welcome you to our home and our family.

Knowing that you could be here any day now makes me think of finding out about you.
I can still remember the shock and fear that quickly turned to excitement when I told your daddy about you for the first time.
I remember the sweet moment at 8 weeks & 6 days when we saw you on the ultrasound screen & could even see your tiny little heart beating...how amazing!
We kept your existence a secret until 12 weeks, although we were bursting at the seams to share our exciting news.
We had so much fun sharing our news & since the excitement has just been building.

I often lie awake in the middle of the night and wonder what you look like.
Will you have daddy's nose or mommy's nose?
What does your cute little baby chin look like?
Do you have long legs like daddy or short legs like mommy?
And of course, the biggest mystery to me is your hair-how much hair do you have & what color is it????

I think about the moment in which they will lay you on my chest.
It makes me teary even now.
I cannot wait to feel the warmth of your tiny little body, the softness of your skin, and I most certainly can't wait to feel your tiny fingers curl around mine.
I can't wait to see your daddy holding you for the very first time.

I think about the first few moments we will have together as a family of 3.
I imagine I will feel as if time is standing still because the only thing that will matter at that moment is our little family.
We are looking forward to settling on your middle name during those few minutes together so we can share it with everyone.

We will be so anxious to introduce you to the rest of our family.
Owen, you have 2 grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, 2 great-grandmothers, 1 great-grandfather, 4 aunts, & 2 uncles who already love you so much!
We have so many other friends & family who can't wait to meet you and watch you grow up.

I wonder about the moment we will bring you through the door of our home.
It will be so precious to finally be able to lay you in your crib, rock you in our rocking chair, and make use of everything we have been preparing since we knew about you.

I can't wait to learn all about you...
What your various cries will sound like,
When & how much you will like to eat,
Where you will most like to sleep,
What your favorite toys will be,
What your favorite bedtime story will be,
What songs will put you to sleep & which will make you want to dance.

Simply put, we can't wait to meet you Owen!
You are our most precious gift from God.
We already love you so much & know that our love for you will only grow stronger & deeper in the days, months, and years to come.


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