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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Owen's crib

Owen's crib arrived on Friday afternoon!!!

We decided on the DaVinci Reagan crib & I love it!

Mom & I were so anxious to put it together that we got started on it ourselves (while the men watched the UGA vs. FL game!).
We did a great job, but by the end it had become a group project & everyone was involved!

The crib bedding came in a few weeks ago (I'm obviously w-a-y behind in blogging).

I absolutely L-O-V-E it!!

I can't wait to get it all set up in Owen's crib!

Although the crib is about the only thing in Owen's room (besides a closet full of clothes & goodies), it's so nice to have the crib in the nursery.

I simply love walking by the door & seeing it sitting there.

I love thinking about how in a few short months I will be laying our tiny son in this bed!

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