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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last day of school.

I can't believe that today is Owen's last day of school in the Infant class at WBWP. It's been such a special year for us with our new friends there. We feel so blessed to have found such an amazing group of people to help us take care of our Owen.

Since Owen started attending WBWP last September, he learned to walk, to say many words, to eat at the big boy table, to eat with a fork (sometimes!); he transitioned from the bottle to a sippy cup and from breastmilk/formula to whole milk; he's learned to share & play with his friends; he's loved music classes with Ms. Donna; really, he's just grown up into such a big guy!

Here's Owen with his sweet group of teachers (Ms. Polly, Ms. Lin, & Ms. Pam) this morning...

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