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Monday, February 25, 2013


This little man is walking everywhere & at times practically running...keeping us on our toes!
 We've had a couple of "little" snows in the last month. Owen wasn't quite sure what to make of the snow, so he decided to see if it was edible!

 Owen has finally adapted to sitting in the "big tub" for his baths. We kept him in the baby tub for so long because he only wanted to stand up when we put him outside of it. He loves "big boy baths" now.
 Owen has new "big boy" shoes. He's looking pretty sharp!
 Owen loves mommy's stethoscope...practicing to be a nurse already!
 Love my little man!
 Owen's favorite thing to do-read! He carries books all around the house & hands them to me saying "booook, reeee" (book, read). We read so much & I love how he enjoys reading.

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