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Monday, November 19, 2012

Owen at 9 months.

Owen was 10 months old yesterday! Time continues to just fly by & I can't believe we're just 2 months away from his 1st birthday!

Here's a run-down of the 9th month of Owen's life...

  • You are busier than ever...you never scoot anymore, but you crawl on all 4s amazingly fast!
  • You pull up on anything & everything constantly. You're starting to let go & stand alone for longer periods of time. Keeping you safe is a full-time job!
  • You do not appreciate being confined to any space. You want to go wherever you want.
  • You learned to open & close your fingers & say "buh-buh". It's precious!
  • You love to play the piano & babble while you play.
  • You can lift the flaps in "Where is Baby's Belly Button". You just love that book!
  • Daddy taught you to call the dawgs on the kick-offs of UGA football games. You pump your arm up & down when he says "sic 'em, woo, woo, woo". It is priceless to watch the two of you doing it!
  • You also say "mamamama" (especially when you are upset), "dada", "dug", & are trying to say something that starts with the sound "tuh". We just haven't translated that one yet!
  • You have 7 teeth- 4 on top & 3 on bottom.
  • You have tried some new snack foods-graham crackers & waffle wheels. You've gotten the hang of biting off small pieces.
  • You are still a good eater, but favor certain foods. Your favorites are breads, cheeses, yogurt, green peas, & all fruits.
  • You tried a few other new foods that you liked- cheese tortellini, peanut butter (yum!), black beans, and cheese toast.
  • Firsts- You celebrated your 1st Halloween dressed as Charlie Brown. We took you to the Waffle House for breakfast one Saturday morning, which you loved, and you also visited the Nashville Zoo for the 1st time!
  • At your 9 1/2 month check-up you weighed 21 lbs. & 14 oz. (80th%-not as much as we'd guessed) & you measured 30 inches long (90th %).
  • You're wearing mostly 12 month clothes now.

Learning how to call the Dawgs!

Being silly with mommy one morning!

Mail for me??? YEAH!

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