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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I recently had fun making these cute cupcakes (strawberry with cream cheese frosting)!

Chris' boss has 3 precious children. Unfortunately, his youngest daughter, Paige was diagnosed in September with a malignant form of neuroblastoma. She is only 18 months old. Her prognosis is very good and she has so far tolerated chemotherapy very well.

In addition to praying and supporting their family emotionally, the lab and family friends have really rallied around their family providing them with meals every day of the week for the past few months.
We had the opportunity to make dinner for their family a few weeks ago.

We tried to create a kid-friendly meal so we made meatball sub casserole, a salad (with adult & kid toppings & dressings), and the cupcakes.

I stamped each of their names on one cupcake topper and stamped "Go Paige" on all the other toppers. I was happy with how they turned out & as we were catching up on their CaringBridge journal last night, we saw that they had posted a picture of our "inspiring" cupcakes.

So happy we could do some that seems so small to help others.
Go Paige!!!

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